Patient Reviews

“When I was a little girl my mom brought me to see Dr. Chan to straighten my teeth. I always admired the pictures of the Rose Princesses on the office walls and wondered if one day I might become a Rose Princess. Years later I did! Thank you Dr. Chan for giving me a beautiful smile.”

“Our dentist told us our daughter needed braces and gave us the names of three orthodontists. After checking them all and even one more, Dr. Chan was the obvious choice because of his thorough examination, friendly explanation and modern office.”

“Dr. Chan did an excellent job straightening my teeth and making sure I knew what was going on throughout the whole process. Office visits were smooth and hassle-free, and the staff was always bright and cheerful.”

“On my big day—the day my braces were to come off... Dr. Chan did it even with me wearing my UCLA sweatshirt.”

“I was very pleased with my experience sending my kids to Dr. Chan, and eventually decided that I wanted braces myself. Dr. Chan is very friendly and engaging and does great work.”

“Dr. Chan treated all four of my boys who have become smiling officers of the LAPD.”

“My mom was treated by Dr. Tuverson and Dr. Chan when she was a girl. Dr. Chan is now giving me a pretty smile like my mom's.”

“I love the beautiful, modern and clean office. There is plenty of easy parking and the staff is very friendly!”

It's been a privilege being a part of the Pasadena Community all these years. Thank you for all the kind notes.

Please keep sending the smiling pictures!

Milton D. Chan, D.D.S.