Best practices while wearing braces

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Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is especially critical during orthodontic treatment. Poor oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment can result in inflamed gum tissue, permanent scarring on the enamel, or tooth decay. While braces themselves do not cause these problems, they can make teeth cleaning more difficult, so be sure to take extra care in trying to keep your teeth healthy. We recommend that you brush your teeth after every meal to prevent food from getting caught between the braces. Flossing is also essential to maintaining healthy teeth. Floss threaders are available to help you clean under the wires.

Foods to avoid

A loose bracket can generally be left in place until you can come in to our office for a repair appointment. If the bracket falls off, save it if possible. If the loose bracket irritates you, you can place some wax over the bracket to hold it in place. Refrain from eating hard, crunchy foods such as pizza crusts, as these can loosen bands or break brackets or wires, which could prolong your treatment. You should also avoid sticky foods like caramel and chewy candy, as these could bend wires and increase the risk of tooth decay.

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Wearing Headgear and Rubber Bands

Your orthodontic treatment may sometimes involve wearing rubber bands or headgear. While you may not always enjoy wearing them, failure to do so can lengthen your treatment. It is important to work with us to ensure that you receive the outcome you expect.